This website was created during a 24 hour website building challenge for non-profits, called Website Thru The Nite. These are the hardworking volunteers that created the Children’s Clothing Center web site.

Thank you to the Ball State University students

Childrens Clothing Center

Please get to know our volunteers, we asked them a series of questions.

1.) What is your name?
2.) What is your major or occupation?
3.) What are you most excited about for Website Thru the Nite?
4.) What your favorite pizza toppings?
5.) If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
6.) Is there a nonprofit organization that has made a difference in your life? What and why?
7.) If you were stranded on a desert island and you could only bring one thing with you, what would you bring?
8.) Are you a MAC or PC?
9.) If you were stranded on a desert island and you could only eat pizza for the rest of your life, what toppings would you want on it?
10.) If your answer to #9 was different from your answer to #4, why would you lie to us? That hurts. That really hurts.


1.) Ammity Means
2.) English Studies with Professional Writing & Literature minors
3.) helping the non-profit
4.) pepperoni
5.) Ability to refill anything at will
7.) a friend- Sharkey
8.) Mac
9.) All
10.)because I can use the toppings as bait to eat other things instead of dying from over ingestion of pizza <3

1.) Karley Sharkey
2.) English with a concentration in Rhetoric, dual minoring in creative writing & digital media
3.) I’m excited to feel like I made a difference in Muncie instead of just living here.
4.) Pepperoni & tomatoes! My family thinks I love mushrooms but it is a lie.
5.) The power to never be late to anything.
6.) The Vineyard in Springdale, OH and Reach out Lakota, in my hometown. They helped my family a lot when I was a child.
7.) Electricity
8.) PC!
9.) Pepperoni and tomatoes, but only if it’s continually not pizza.
10.) I would never hurt you, paper questionnaire.

1.) Ty Batey
2.) English, with a concentration in Rhetoric & Writing.
3.) I’m really excited to make a difference for this organization.
4.) Mushrooms
5.) The ability to travel through time, so I can change major decisions.
7.) A boat
8.) Mac!
9.) If it’s infinite pizza, all of them.
10.) I don’t want to burn myself out on one topping. Who knows how long I’ll be on that island!

1.) Robert Moore
2.) Telecommunications: Audio Production
3.) The Massages & Meeting our clients
4.) Mushrooms & Green pepper
5.) To be able to Jump/Teleport wherever so I could travel at any given moment
7.) My iPod
8.) Mac, but own PC
9.) Mushroom & Green Peppers

1.) Kara Harris
2.) English Education w/ Professional Writing Minor
3.) Helping Organizations
4.) Sausage & Mushroom
5.) Flying because I want to see the world from a different view.
6.) No
7.) A book
8.) PC
9.) Mushroom