The Children’s Clothing Center of Delaware County was established in 1982 by a group of church ladies. We were incorporated in 1983 and opened in the IOOF Building downtown in Muncie. In 1985, the Muncie Community Schools provided us with a space and we moved into a basement furnace room at Wilson Middle School. In 1994, when Wilson School moved to their new location, far from the inner city, we relocated to the Trinity Community Services Building (old St. Lawrence School Building) on East Charles Street. We occupy two classrooms on the second floor. The Harvest Soup Kitchen is also located in this building.


We exist to serve the clothing needs of children in Muncie and Delaware county schools by providing a transfer of donated new and gently used clothing from retail businesses, organizations and individuals to families referred to the center at no cost. The Children’s Clothing Center is a free source of clothing for pre-school and K-12 school children in need. We serve the neediest students in Delaware County Schools. This program impacts positive change to the education of children in our community. Children are more likely to attend school if they have warm suitable clothing to wear.


Pre-school and K-12 students are referred by school principals, school nurses, Center Township Trustee, Head Start, A Better Way, and the YWCA. Last year we served children from 13 Muncie City Schools and 8 Delaware County Schools.

Seven Pairs, Seven Days

Two times during the school year, each child can receive a set of new undergarments, which includes 7 briefs or panties, 7 pairs of socks, 1 pair of jeans, and 1 white tee undershirt. This number and cost can be quite substantial for a family with 3 to 6 children. Due to health regulations we don’t distribute used undergarments. A family can shop once each month. There are no limits on the number of used items taken. If family members of a referred student need clothing and we have suitable items available, they may shop for themselves. We do not provide adults or infants with new undergarments.


Effective January 1, 2014, each shopper is limited to the following:

One (1) time per year:
one (1) seasonal coat
one (1) new hat
one (1) pair of new gloves

Two (2) times per year (7 Pairs 7 Days):
seven (7) new socks
seven (7) new underwear or briefs
one (1) new tee shirt
one (1) new pair of jeans

One (1) time per month:
three (3) used items of each type


The Children’s Clothing Center is operated by volunteers and a paid part-time coordinator, Gloria Adams (since 2017).

Our current Board of Directors includes:
President: Forrest Bowers (since 2013)
Vice President: Bonita Ramirez (since 2016)
Secretary: Sarah Demaree (since 2017)
Treasurer: Jackie Johston (since 1985)

Board members:
Daryl Bookout
Donna Bookout
Matt Harkin, O.D.
Louise Dennin
Marla Suding